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After Job Cut Vow, Parent Coordinators Union PAC Splashes Anthony Weiner Sexting Pix


Anthony Weiner wants to take parent coordinators out of the city's public schools. Now, their union's PAC is on a mission to take him out -- and they're kicking it off by splashing his cringeworthy self-portraits on the web.




District Council 37's Local 372 has launched a pre-primary broadside against the ex-congressman and mayoral hopeful, bannering two photos from his 2011 sexting scandal -- one showing Weiner gripping his privates -- on its PAC's homepage under the headline, "Disgraced Weiner Attacks Parent Coordinators."


Local 372 President Santos Crespo Jr. says with Weiner climbing in the polls -- and bent on cutting the 1,600 coordinators, who act as liaisons and advocates -- "We're going to do what we need to do to take him out."


Weiner has said parents should be involved in their kids' schooling, but believes it doesn't require paid intermediaries.


"I would not want to dismiss the possibility that [Weiner] may be the Democratic contender after the smoke clears," said Crespo, who's also a vice president of DC37, the city's biggest municipal worker union.


"Since [Weiner's] already indicated that he wants to come after our parent coordinators, I need to stop this before it gets worse down the road."


That means gearing up Local 372 for what Crespo says will be an anti-Weiner "full-court press. It's going to be press conferences. It's going to be rallies. It's going to be door-to-door [visits and] phone calls."


The point: "Aside from [his] lack of integrity and class, we’re reminding folks that this is a guy who outright lied when he asked if he had done that," Crespo said of Weiner's sketchy snapshots.


"A lot of people unfortunately do not remember that," said Crespo, who says his local will work with community and parent groups, as well as confer with other unions, to go after Weiner. "You've got to think, 'Gee, I wonder what else he would lie to the public about?'"


Local 372's warning comes across loud and clear on the PAC's website: "For those Parent Coordinators who believe their jobs are safe, we want you to understand, that if Weiner becomes mayor YOUR job will be terminated because there will no longer be Parent Coordinators in New York City Public Schools."





Crespo, whose public-school-worker local represents 27,000 of DC37's 121,000 members, isn't the first to identify Weiner as a serious problem.


In a story I wrote for Monday's News, 32BJ/SEIU President Hector Figueroa called Weiner a major threat to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn -- and vowed to help stop him cold. (In that same story, I questioned whether unions and other campaign surrogates would bring up Weiner's career-derailing debacle in a way the candidates themselves have largely avoided.)


DC37 as a whole has backed a third Democrat, city Comptroller John Liu, in the mayor's race. Crespo said certain union locals, including his, can make independent endorsements. Local 372 has yet to pick a side, though Crespo says he personally backs Liu.


Representatives of the Weiner campaign and of DC37 had no comment Monday night.


Local 372's decision to give Weiner's "junk mail" the Return To Sender treatment online came shortly before the launch of a separate website, stopweiner.com.


Both web pages, which focus on the school workers who act as liaisons between families and city teachers, are the work of Mona Davids, the new political director of Local 372.


Davids said stopweiner.com, which she registered only Sunday night, is a joint effort with Local 372. It's is also meant to highlight Weiner's lewd past and publicize his call for the elimination of the parent liaisons in his "Keys To The City" blueprint for the mayoralty.



Wrote Weiner, "Parent involvement is important, and participation in the Parents Association should be a rite of every school mom and dad. But the current policy of having paid parent coordinators is a waste of money and misunderstands the importance of parents being part of the oversight of a school -- not the staff."


Women hold lots of those jobs, Davids and Crespo noted; many are single moms.


By getting rid of the coordinators, "He's about to destroy 1,600 families if he's mayor," Davids told the News.


"We will bring the wrath of our 27,000 members on his head by Sept. 10."


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